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Matthew Montague architects uses EWSS to assist with business planning

Derby-based architects Matthew Montague have built a strong reputation for an inspired range of commercial projects that embody innovation, creativity and flair. With over twelve design staff the practice offers a wide range of experience and expertise in developing, planning and managing award-winning projects.

Projects such as the Lonsdale Travel headquarters and the Derby Playhouse's front of house facilities refurbishment are just some that have received wide acclaim and recognition from leading industry bodies.

EWSS first teamed up with Matthew Montague architects in 2001. Matthew Montague needed to be confident that its IT systems would meet the growth forecast, especially with regards to customer, financial and project information. EWSS were asked to undertake an IT audit to evaluate the existing infrastructure and propose ideas and suggestions which would allow the practice to provide an even higher level of customer service.

Michelle Salloway, Practice Manager, says, "EWSS has a real gift of understanding issues, how to solve them from a technical perspective, and then presenting options, opinion and advice in layman's terms. This approach allowed us to discuss the various alternatives before arriving at the solution which we felt best met our specific needs."

"Our relationship with Matthew Montague has evolved since we took that first telephone call" comments EWSS managing director John Popika. "They have shared with us their business drivers and goals and this helps us determine the kind of solutions we propose."

EWSS prides itself on delivering a consistent level of customer service to all its customers time and time again and this point is endorsed by Michelle. "There is an excellent relationship between our two businesses. We are architects, not IT professionals, that is why we use EWSS. They seem to take that extra bit of effort."

The eventual solution combined a phased-in and planned approach to an integrated IT and telephony infrastructure that was built using proven technology and implemented with EWSS' skill and expertise. EWSS achieved everything on the "wish" list and is now providing a maintenance support service for the entire IT and telephony environment.

Matthew Montague now has an infrastructure that is robust and fast, automates a number of tasks and is future-proofed to allow for expansion. "There are three benefits we have noticed by working with EWSS. The first is that they make us feel that our business is important to them and we are treated as a priority client. Secondly, we believe EWSS provide the best solution and their advice is genuine, impartial and balanced. Finally, the two companies just seem to gel, which for us as a small, dynamic business is crucial."

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