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MidIT Ltd formaly (EWSS Ltd) helps Prince & Bates Opticians to maintain focus during business realignment Burton-based Prince and Bates have been keeping the eyesight of the local community in top shape for over 25 years. As a leading optician in Staffordshire and South Derbyshire, it is vital they maintain their trusted reputation for quality and service, extend the range of services offered and keep in touch with their 50,000 customer contacts.

"In any one year we perform around 14,000 eye tests," says Nigel Sheffield, a partner at Prince and Bates. "We wanted to provide a higher level of service to our customers and so began to look for ways to improve our business. It was important that we maintained our core values of making customers feel special and with the advances of technology and new techniques, extend the range of services available. Our goal was to build on our reputation and experience of providing high quality eye care in the Burton area."

Prince and Bates recognised that to move the business forward, they would need an IT infrastructure that was right for them. The management knew this decision was crucial and that it involved more than just new hardware or software. Issues such as the integration of the Burton and Swadlincote branches, the installation of new business support software, Internet connectivity and retraining needed to be considered.

After finding a phone number on the back of their old computer, Prince and Bates contacted EWSS and from that phone call, the two companies have developed an open, professional working relationship, one that is relaxed and where advice is valued.

Having thoroughly understood the brief, EWSS supplied a set of bespoke and custom-built PCs that delivered the required computing power and in line with growth. From the outset it was crucial that the implementation of the project did not impact on the daily running of the business. To ensure a smooth transition from the old systems a thorough project plan was developed. "One of the skills of EWSS is to take a complicated technical solution and explain it in an easy and understandable way." comments Nigel. "This has been one of the major benefits of working with EWSS."

As a result, Prince and Bates have a greater degree of flexibility when dealing with customers. Customer data, patient records, costing figures and management information are immediately available to any Prince and Bates staff, allowing a higher level of service and customer care to be delivered.

Although Prince and Bates is a long time IT user they use EWSS as their outsourced IT department. Commenting on the style of relationship, Nigel continues, "When we call EWSS we speak to real people who get things done. They deliver a very personal approach, and, importantly for us, they understand our requirements and are an integral part of what we are trying to do."

"We have built a strong rapport and level of confidence in EWSS. We trust their experience and ability to provide solutions that support our business and this allows us to work more effectively. We now have an IT infrastructure that delivers better customer service and access to information. EWSS is an important business partner."

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